Take a Deep Breath and Simply Enjoy Winters!

Winter is the time for comfort, warmth, relaxation and good food. Most of the people around the globe adore the season of Winter. As this is the time, when you’d like to sit beside a born-fire, under the sky and seek the enjoyment of cool breeze. People usually like to hide behind cosy blankets, sip coffee and simply relax. Well, Winter do come with some usual problems too, such as dry skin, cracked feet and so forth.

As it is known that, the world is a global village and everyone is busy in their day-to-day life and do hold a busy schedule. All things considered, it’s fact, that having a tough time-table doesn’t let take care of your skin, body or feet in a proper way specially during winters.

To settle all your concerns between the hustle and bustle of your daily life, Ealpha takes the responsibility by rendering you exclusive products for foot care and more. It is quite usual that while working at home, or walking around without wearing footwear, makes feet dirty, cracked, and dry. Going to a salon to get a pedicure done sounds lazy, so why not get the facilities like a salon at home itself? Check out the Multi functional Foot Bath Massager at eAlpha, which is absolutely amazing. This foot spa machine is made of plastic and gives maximum comfort to your sore legs by relieving them of unwanted or unusual pain and soreness. This Electric Foot massager is available at an inexpensive price, and would completely provide you absolute satisfaction and make you feel relaxed.

You should also look out their Smooth Express Pedi which is made for professional pedicured feet at your fingertips. It lets your feet look beautiful, makes your skin silky and soft. Get this amazing the new Express Pedi, for your self and seek the advantage of turning your home into a salon. This Pedicare device is absolutely safe, easy to use and handle and gives you satisfying results without making much efforts.

The results of use are totally professional as it quickly and easily removes tough skin on heels and make your feet smooth and soft.

Foot care

Winter is the time when, sweaters, jackets, socks and all other woollen clothes are appreciated and used to save our body from cold and keep it warm. This winter rest your feet into the super amazing and cosy Moisturising Treatment Gel Spa Socks available exclusively at eAlpha. These Silicone Moisturising Gel Heel Socks gives your feet much relieve from dry and cracked skin. These socks can be worn during summer and winter as well as during winters it keeps your feet warm and cold during summers. You are only required to wear these socks for 20-30 minutes a day and you can get back to smooth and silky feet right away.

For those people who keep on travelling for work or leisure. eAlpha renders you with a wonderful product which is easy to carry and use. It is a Waterproof Foldable Foot Massage Bag, which you can carry with yourself wherever you go. This bag can be used as folding water bucket in which you can put water accordingly and rest your feet and simply relax. The foldable foot massage bag is very convenient and can also be used for other purposes such as, a small bucket to wash your face and hands by just adding water to it. This bag is easy to clean after use and can also be used for both foot bath & wash bucket during picnic or daily use.

Although winter are the time to experience cool breeze and hot food. But, having a long tiring day at work usually brings on pain in the body. Try out this Relax tone massager, available on eAlpha and get relieved from the pain in one go. This Relax and Spin Tone Massager makes you forget the pain and feel relaxed. It also lets you cut the excess fat in your body and helps to burns calories as well. You just need to use it for 15 minutes in a day and seek the privilege of a proper tone body. This Body Massager comprises of 01 body + 03 head massage + 01 head rub his heels. Go get yours today!

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