Happy Mother’s Day – Give Beautiful Gifts To Your Beautiful World

“God could not be everywhere, so he created Mothers”. If the father is roof than the mother is the foundation of life. We can not live even we can not imagine our life without mother. Mother is the best role of every woman in life. Mother is always a perfect guide, our first teacher and of course, the wonder woman of the World. Mother is the most beautiful creation of GOD. even God also needs a mother to enter the World. Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha, everyone needs a mother.

Our great Indian culture is always being a witness to the contribution of mothers. In India, we worship Mata and also called her Maa. Maa is a single word which contains the entire Universe. Mata Sita, Mata Parvati, Mata Yashoda, Mata Devki, and Mata Kaushalya, they all are the great example of the best Teacher, Guide, Mentor, and Ideal.

No one can better care us like a mother in the World. Mother has the natural power to understand our feelings by seeing our face or eyes. Even if we are so far from our mother she easily predicts our condition by listening to our voice, a single touch of a mother is the medicine of every pain, a shadow of mother protects us from all the problems. Mother always take our side even if the whole world against to us. Only presence of mother we feel safe. Mother always sacrifice to make us happy. If we are in the negative situation we always call mother because we know that she will protect us.

Mother continue works for us without taking a single leave or holidays. There is no retirement of Mother’s job and we all know that no one having the capabilities to take mother’s responsibilities. No one able to replace the mother in the world. Mother is the perfect manager of family. Mother have magic that’s why we forget all our sorrows only by hugging the mother. This is the biggest truth that “Paradise is under the feet of mothers”. “Mother is the Ray of Hope”.

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Happy Mother’s Day



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