Some Household Products That Do have Expiry Date and You Might Unaware About It

We always keep in mind to check the manufacturing and expiry date of milk, coffee and we usually know how long our makeup or beauty products we should keep. However, we do not pay attention to our house and kitchen products that surround us are longer than they actually should.

We bet you didn’t know about the list of things had an expiry date:

1. Pillows

Over time, any of the pillow in our room became a home for dust mites. Apart from losing pillow supportive spongy fluffiness, you should shop pillow in every 2-2/5 years before they become thin and lead to several health illnesses like neck pain.

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2. Toothbrush

Of course, your safety is in your hands! A toothbrush should be changed when its bristles become worn down. On the other hand, you also need to replace your brush after cold or flu otherwise risk will create double illness.

3. Running shoes

After you’ve hit hundreds of km, running shoes/sneakers start losing their cushioning which gives the alarm to stress your joints. If your shoes have completed one year, then it’s time to say goodbye to them and buy a new pair!

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4. Spices

Spices lose their taste and smell after 1-2 years. Some of the ground spices are hilarious to keep more than 6 months.

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5. Hairbrush

We always clean our hairbrush least once in a week and should be replaced in 10 months to 1 years. Ask Why? Hairbrushed can create several scalps and skin infections like dandruff and itching. This could be one of the major reason for your hair fall problem.

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6. Perfumes and Tiolet Perfumes

Perfumes and Eau de perfumes contain essential oils that last only for 3 years when it is stored in dry and closed. When stored opened it is just for 2 years.

7. Bath Sponge

Did you ever spend big inexpensive and branded sponge so that it will not wear off easily? Well, no matter if you did so, bath sponge expiry date is not more than 2 or 3 weeks. Usually, a sponge can easily start to breed fungus and get mold within the period of time. For better hygiene, you should wash it with hot water and dettol.

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